Posted by: Pam | April 20, 2009

Change of Plans {and More Chippy Paint}

I know that according to my exciting upcoming outings post, I was supposed to go to the Georgetown Flea Market this weekend.  And while the weather was downright perfect for outdoor antique shopping, we had much more pressing work going on indoors at the Dream Apartment.

You see, while I am happy to have an antique mantel propped against my wall for weeks on end, allowing design ideas to marinate and grow, Hubby is not as excited about extra “stuff” in our already small apartment.  So this weekend we drew up some blueprints, trekked to Home Depot and built ourselves a fabulous TV unit.

I wish we had some great “during the process” photos, however, I was needed as an actual contributor in the project and couldn’t be excused to play photojournalist.  The photos of our sidewalk-takeover would have been fun, though.  Oh the perils of construction projects for apartment dwellers!

After two Home Depot trips, three cans of paint, two afternoons of sweat and tears, and what feels like a million L-brackets, I am proud to debut our beautiful mantel-turned-TV-cabinet!

mantel-2  mantel-3

*If you are interested in our old TV unit or a set of lovely wooden stools and live in the DC area, be sure to check out our Craigslist ads!


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