Posted by: Pam | April 8, 2009

The Living Room: My Master Plan

Since posting about my TV unit/mantel plan, Hubby has been entertaining his co-workers with updates on my schemes for the living room.  (Yes, a few sketches have even been scribbled down and tucked in his pocket to use as visual aids.)

As it stands right now, the couch in our living room is situated to grant equal focus to the TV and the fireplace, which are on walls opposite one another.  However, with the couch in this spot, we’ve effectively cut off access to our beautiful bay windows and the dining nook.  Here are the changes I’m envisioning to open the space:

  • Build TV unit/mantelpiece.  (Obviously.)  This will be placed in front of the existing fireplace, which we’ve yet to touch in our 8+ months of living here. 
  • Move the couch and side table to the wall that currently houses the TV.  This will open access to the dining nook.  (Yay!)
  • Replace the Expedit cubbies currently next to our fireplace with a buffet w/hutch.  After all the wedding gifts of  china and serveware, we’re in desperate need of stylish storage.
  • Find a small sideboard or low bookcase to tuck in the empty nook at the base of the stairs.  I’m leaning towards something like this cabinet from Ballard Designs.


(I hope to have photos of our space up soon.  In  the meantime, just writing out this list should help to motivate me!)


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