Posted by: Pam | April 6, 2009

The Great TV Debate

Everyone – okay almost everyone has one – a bulky, dark box that when on, brings light, laughter and entertainment.  But what about when it’s off?  A blank TV can suck the energy from the room and draw the eye away from other fabulous focal points, like a stunning light fixture or an elegant mantel.

But what if the elegant mantel were paired with the dark TV?  No, I’m not talking about the dreaded TV-over-the-fireplace look.  I mean what if you framed the television with a gorgeous mantelpiece, a la Kelly Giesen?


Although the post has received some serious negative feedback, the above Apartment Therapy post has started the wheels turning in my head.  I’m eyeing my own flatscreen and the fabulous mantels available on DC’s Craigslist, wondering if it would be possible to mount a mantel to a flea market cabinet, creating a TV unit that is both beautiful and moveable.  (As much as we love it, Hubby and I can’t stay in this rented apartment forever!)

P.S.  For more delightful interior inspiration, check out Kelly’s design web site.  Divine!


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