Posted by: Pam | April 6, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

I should be working right now.  What am I doing instead, you ask?  Why, drawing mock-ups of my TV cabinet/mantel project, reading blogs and taking online design quizzes, of course!  (Yes, I suppose I have a case of the Mondays.)




If you’re also struggling to keep from watching the seconds tick, here’s a fun, easy style quiz brought to us from our friends across the pond at MyDeco.  Just click through a series of photos, choosing your favorite on each page, wait for the computer to do its magic, and check out your results.   I was really happy with mine, as well as really inspired by the photos themselves.  I haven’t spent much time playing with the site’s other tools, like a mood board builder and an inspiration gallery, but I have a feeling this site may provide me with entertainment for many Mondays to come.


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