Posted by: Pam | April 2, 2009

Well Hello

Welcome home!  Well, at least welcome to my online home. 

After years of reading shelter blogs religiously and filing away inspirational photos and ideas, I figure it’s time to throw my own hat in the ring.  After all, the ideas I’ve been tucking away have been collecting virtual dust and the undecorated corners of my apartment have been housing dust bunnies of their own.  Perhaps sharing my own progress on making my house a home will keep me more accountable.

As a bit of background, I live in a lovely apartment in Washington, DC’s Capitol Hill neighborhood with my wonderful husband and our furball of joy – a 7-year-old rat terrier.  We currently rent, so all of my decorating strategies have to be landlord-friendly, however, he’s a great landlord who’s been open to my painting and hammering many, many holes in the wall thus far.   My decorating preferences lean toward cottage style and flea market finds, though you probably wouldn’t guess it from the living room full of “transitional” IKEA furnishings that have somehow become more and more permanent in my living room.

The rest, I suppose, I will let unfold.  Enjoy!


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